Celebrating 65 Years Painting

An exhibition celebrating 65 years of the artist John B Vallely at the Sol Art Gallery, Dublin from Nov 2nd to 19th.

"In the summer of 2023, after I had agreed to exhibit in the Sol Art Gallery, it suddenly struck me that this year marked 65 years since the first public showing of my work. That took place at the annual exhibition in Armagh Technical College in 1958, organised by Peter McGirr, the local art teacher. Shortly after that, in 1959, I secured admission to the Belfast College of Art, then located on the top floor of the Municipal College of Technology. In 1961 I moved on, to the Edinburgh College of Art. I have exhibited virtually every year since then, and in some years have had two or three exhibitions. This year is different in many ways, as the Sol exhibition consists of the first new work I’ve shown since 2021, when I had my 80th birthday retrospective in the Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre in Armagh."

John B. Vallely - Artist